Show #12.5 Session Report: Battleground Fantasy Warfare

In this show, Mark and Jeff "Point-Five" Your Move Games' Battleground Fantasy Warfare. We have some high level discussion of our selections of which armies to play, and which units to field for our 2000-point limits. From there, we discuss our overall tactics, which tactics worked well, and which ones clearly didn't. We'll also try to get some pics up on the Gameopolis Flickr Page some time soon!

Lastly, we send out a reminder for our listeners to send-in discussion topics for the upcoming Podcast of Hate (companion podcast to last year's Podcast of Love). This doesn't have to be "hatred" in the true sense of the word, feel free to write us about dislikes, pet peaves, disappointments, and things in the Gaming hobby that generally get under your skin. So dust-off that soapbox and tell us what is on your mind!!! You can post your thoughts to this show's comments or email to

Even if you don't have any suggestions for the Podcast of Hate, we'd still LOVE to hear from you --our beloved podcast nation-- so please post a comment to this blog entry, or send an email to!

  • 00:00:00 Prelude
  • 00:03:35 Session Report: Battleground Fantasy Warfare
  • 00:19:46 Call for topics for The Podcast of Hate --and signoff

Stay tuned for Show 13.0 -coming real soon!

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  • Gameopolis Podcast : Show #12.5 Session Report: Battleground Fantasy Warfare This is what I wanted!

    posted by: Megan on 2013-09-25 09:13:19

  • Thanks for the opportunity to vent! I do, in fact, have a few "hates" about gaming. My first and biggest hate is games with instruction/rule books that take longer to read and understand than the actual game takes to play. It really does take all of the excitement and anticipation out of it for me. I purchased a game several months ago and still haven't played an actual game. I may have to hire a tutor to explain the rules and play to us (hint,hint). Also, games that start late in the evening--these better be super easy to learn or some beloved classic that I could play in my sleep. This hate especially applies if drinks stronger than decaf tea were served prior to or with game play. May I also add really long playing games. I have not played an on-going role playing game of the one which shall not be named variety in about (ahem) 28 years, but that is the sort of gaming that I really am not into (not that there's anything wrong with that...). An hour...maybe two, is good game timing for me. Thanks for the opportunity to comment, and I look forward to each of your podcasts.

    posted by: Susan Z. on 2011-04-04 18:48:14

  • Haven't had enough gaming over the last year or so to accrue any stories, but generally get fairly loathe-some toward people who show up bring distractions or giving in to them. I don't mind an occasional digression, bathroom break, food run, etc, but if you are there to game, then game! Really looking forward to the stories you guys drop on the next show- keep up the great work!

    posted by: Erasmus Hill on 2011-03-07 04:00:17

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