Show #17.5 Session Report: DungeonQuest 3rd Edition

In this session report, Mark and Jeff talk about a play session of Fantasy Flight Games' re-issue of DungeonQuest. They give an overview of the session's events, and focus a bit on some of the updates to this 3rd edition of the game: the combat system and the player character characteristics and abilities. Mark and Jeff give their opinions of these updates, and decide whether this edition might still be able to fill the role of a filler game, even with all its embellishments.

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  • Bill, I am really sorry. I realized while editing the show that you would take that comment pretty hard. I think rather than considering the other character "more fun" than the dwarven fighter, we shoudl consider that there are many types of fun characters that are fun in very different ways. On that night, I was in the mood for a "different" kind of fun character.

    posted by: Jeff (Admin) on 2012-01-25 15:51:02

  • OMG! Jeff, how could you think some other character could be more fun than a Dwarf? ; )

    posted by: Bill on 2012-01-20 00:38:54

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