Show #2.5 Session Report: Legions of Steel

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As I note in the show's audio intro, Mark and I realized after-the-fact that for a short portion of the show we were talking about our tactics while looking at a map of the gameboard, and therefore it is a little difficult for the listener (who does not have the map) to know what we are talking about. As a fix, we posted an annotated photo of the game board to the Gameopolis Flickr Page (entitled Show 02_5 pic 04), to help guide the listener through our discussion. Thanks for listening! -Jeff

In this Session Report. We talk about a play session of Global Games Company's scifi combat boardgame Legions of Steel.

00:00 prelude
01:05 start of show 2.5
02:41 listener feedback
07:29 Session Report
24:47 Closing comments, Gameopolis Twitter accounts

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  • Hey Jeremy, I can try to add a little more detail to the battle. In the pic on Flickr, there\'s a big, four-tile room that Jeff has labeled \"kill zone.\" As it turned out, eight of Jeff\'s eleven units had to move through that room to get to my corporal. I had the sargeant\'s squad hold that room. Meanwhile, the corporal moved his squad along a side path that went through a long, three-tile room and down a long corridor to the bomb site (the white arrow and black arrow in the pic). The large kill zone had a door connecting to the rectangle room the cpl moved through. There was also door leading to the corridor that connected the rectangle room to the bomb site (red arrows on the map). SO... The sarge\'s squad dropped a force walls on one side of those two doors, while the cpl\'s squad dropped forces walls on the other side. Once Jeff blasted through the force walls, the cpl\'s squaddies were in place to lay down supressing fire. The sarge\'s squad was completely eliminated, but the cpl and one of his squaddies survived and were able to plant the charge. Hopefully all this make\'s sense! As for meeples... well, who among us can really understand the minds of those little guys... Mark

    posted by: Mark on 2009-08-25 14:05:00

  • Hey Jeremy, First, it looks like Mark beat me to the punch on the map clarifications. Regarding the outtro, he\'s not saying \"all your meeples are blogging to us\", rather, he is saying, \"all your meeples are belong to us.\" This is a dig on a 1991 video game port from the Sega game Zero Wing. It was a poorly-translated English conversion of a Japanese video game. If you look on Wikipedia: you will find a good description. Also, there are some hysterical vids and remixes of this on YouTube. Jeremy, thanks so much for your comments.

    posted by: Jeff (admin) on 2009-08-25 22:55:00

  • Hey guys, Really good session report. I want to go ebay Legions of Steel! So Mark, I like the anotated map on Flickr, but you didn\'t indicate where the \"big stop\" happened, or where you set down that forcewall grenade. Also, funny ending. But I have a retorical question: If all Meeples are blogging to you, why can\'t we see their blog postings, and what do meeples blog about? Blue meeple is farming a field? Red meeple is capturing a road? Keep it up guys! Can\'t wait for show 3!!!!

    posted by: Jeremy on 2009-08-25 08:53:00

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