Show #25.5 Session Report: Battle for Slaughter Gulch

Get ready for the Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest Session Report we've ever done on Gameopolis, as we "Point-5" Twilight Creations' Deadlands: Battle for Slaughter Gulch. Yeehaw!!!! This episode is also our 50th regular episode of Gameopolis, so get ready to hear the clinking of a few toasting champagne glasses throughout the episode!

This was a three-player game that we played with our good friend Bill. We cover this play session at a high level, sticking to our overall strategies, and the game elements that we felt impacted the play experience the most.  We also discuss some potential house rules that we would consider trying out.

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Stay tuned for Show 26.0, coming at you faster than Mad Scientist flying an autogyro!

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