Show #3.5 Session Report: GMT's Blackbeard

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In this Session Report. We talk about a play session of GMT's reimplementation of Avalon Hill's Blackbeard boardgame.  We cover what (for us) were some of the most memorable --or high-impact-- parts of the game, and unavoidably end up drawing a lot of comparisons between this version and AH's original.

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00:38 listener feedback
05:26 Session Report
26:27 Closing comments

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Stay tuned for Show #4, coming VERY soon!

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  • Great Show! I\'m an old fan of the original Blackbeard game. I bought the new version from GMT almost automatically when I heard of the reprint, but discovered I\'ve had a heck of a time finding a group of people willing to sit down and actually play the thing-- I guess we\'re all older and don\'t have that kind of time any more. The worst problem I had with the original was the problem with non-moving players being stuck in \"do-nothing\" mode-- which makes the game a little tedious to anyone not in the active role.

    posted by: Mister Nizz on 2009-11-01 02:05:00

  • It\'s true. It\'s almost worth starting a side game of Munchkin or something while you wait! The GMT version made a valiant attempt at increasing interaction and keeping everyone involved, but it came at a cost. I think we may start moding the game ourselves. As we mentioned in Ep 3.5, we\'re going to introduce a new turn sequence. Maybe there\'s something we can do with KC\'s too... Mark

    posted by: Mark on 2009-11-01 17:47:00

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