Show #5: Mystery of the Abbey and Domaine

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We start this show off with a rather atypical opening of a dusty old box. Mark has several different approaches that keep everyone --including himself-- on their toes. We prove that Gameopolis is a better buy than a trip to the movies, and we even supply a picture of an explosion in the show notes so Gameopolis is every bit as exciting! We may add more explosions to the Gameopolis Flickr account for added excitement.

After that, Mark covers Days of Wonder's Mystery of the Abbey, a cloistered Who-Done-It.  He covers all of the main game mechanics and strategies.

Then, we shift over to Jeff for his segment on Mayfair Games' Domaine --a game of Land, Wealth, Power, and Prestige. Jeff gives the basics of play, and some starter strategy and insights.

0:00:00 Dusty Old Box-o-Somethin'
0:11:33 Listener Feedback
0:15:32 Mystery of the Abbey
0:39:41 Domaine
1:03:50 Closing comments

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We hope you enjoy Show 5.0 of Gameopolis! We will be hopefully doing some gaming over the holidays, and so we'll be back shortly with Show 5.5, our Session Report of one of these excellent games. Please post comments on the gameopolis-dot-org blog, or email us your thoughts. Thanks for listening!

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  • Aloha mate! I completely agree with your thoughts. I’ve just added it to vavorites.

    posted by: Morris Komis on 2011-11-17 18:02:25

  • Hi, I discovered your podcast while searching in google for anything related to Avalon Hill\'s Blackbeard. I loved that episode and I\'ve listened to all of them since then. Thanks for this great podcast, hope you continue for a long time doing it. Enrique (Canary islands, Spain)

    posted by: Enrique on 2009-12-22 05:37:00

  • Hi Enrique, I\'m glad you enjoy the show. Have you found anything else related to Blackbeard? I really enjoy the game (I didn\'t realize quite how much until we did the episode on it), and I\'d love to hear about any other interesting things you\'ve found. Thanks for listening and Happy New Year.

    posted by: Mark on 2009-12-31 11:48:00

  • Hi Mark and Jeff! Greetings from icy Finland and congratulations for the great show. I have been listening to quite a few boardgaming podcasts the last couple of years, and your\'s is one of the best. I especially enjoy the after action reports. Keep up the good work! Best Wishes, Tero

    posted by: Tero Karasjärvi on 2010-01-13 05:28:00

  • Ragnarok. That\'s all I have to say. Ragnarok.

    posted by: Mark on 2009-12-18 00:29:00

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