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This is the "suggestion box" for our upcoming ‘Podcast of Love’ episode, as discussed in show 5.5 and in show 6.0.  

Here’s what we are thinking: you –our listeners, our Podcast Nation— already know what Mark and Jeff love about gaming.  You already know about Mark's love of a really well-designed and well-rendered game board with plenty of room for all of the pieces, cards, etc.  You already know about Jeff’s love of Zombie games.  Now we want to know what YOU all love about gaming.  This is REALLY open-ended, and can be about ANYTHING you love about gaming.  It can be about anything that makes you recall some instance of games or gaming with fondness.  Your old gaming group…your favorite color of dice…your favorite brand of beef jerky.  Post a comment here to add your thoughts to ours, and we will discuss all of these submissions in a future show  --that would be the "Podcast of Love" episode!!!

Click on "comments" below to let us know what YOU love about gaming.  Thanks.


Category:general -- posted at: 10:05pm EDT

  • I love the ability of a game to bring a group of people together. Over Christmas we were with family, and introduced my brother and sister-in-law to Pandemic. The game was quite close, and came down to (something like) whether we could cure the last disease in a turn and not draw the wrong infection card. We talked and talked over the strategy, drew the last card, and everyone shouted as we won. That was fun. I don\'t see too many other social activities providing that level of bonding.

    posted by: Jeff on 2010-02-15 14:40:00

  • I guess the thing I love most about gaming, is the interaction. You can learn a lot about a person while sitting around a table trying to take over the world (remember Cramer and Neuman playing Risk?). It\'s also not entirely about the game, is it? It\'s the witty, silly ( and sometimes gaming under the influence) comments and and banter that invariably ensue. I would like some sing-along-able blues/rock to be playing like The Band (Up on Cripple Creek anyone?), and a never-ending bowl of Goldfish crackers (the ones without the smiles so you can split them with your teeth). A never-ending glass of ice with a shot or bourbon would be nice too.

    posted by: Susan Z. on 2010-02-20 20:38:00

  • I hate to sound like a broken record but I must concure with Bill, Jeff, and Susan. It\'s the social interaction of gaming that makes it so much fun. I mean you can go to a movie with your friends, watch TV with them or talk about books or whatever but nothing generates the excitement and laughs like playing a good game together. My gaming group has been getting together every Saturday night for months now and we have a great time each week. We laugh so much that, at times, the game takes second place for a bit. Just a few weeks ago my youngest daughter who is 18 and a member of our group got the giggles so badly that she almost couldn\'t catch her breath. We were all cracking up and it took awhile before we got back to the game. After the gaming is done for the evening we usually sit around for an hour or more and just talk about the games we played and other ones we\'ve heard about and are thinking of getting. Man, Saturday night IS the best time of the week and it\'s all thanks to gaming! Nothing else comes close to creating so much fun or generating so many fond memories.

    posted by: Rick H on 2010-04-07 20:59:00

  • Ok, I must admit that I think the best thing about gaming is the social aspect. (oh, and any fantasy board game with Dwarfs in it) It\'s so important to find a solid group of friends to game with as it makes the entire experience (like crushing them with your Dwarf armies) so much better. Truth is I rarely laugh so much as when I\'m gaming with my friends (and chopping them to bits with my dwarven axe).

    posted by: Bill on 2010-02-12 21:38:00

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