Show #3: Blackbeard -and- When Good Games Go Bad

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Yee be welcome to thee Talk-Like-a-Pirate Episode 'o Gameopolis!! Arrrr!!!! Don't worry --as promised, we do NOT talk like pirates throughout the whole show. This show starts off with our second visit to the topic of the Dusty Old Box. Mark then walks us through the old Avalon Hill boardgame Blackbeard, which inspires several spontaneous (but thankfully, brief) bursts of Pirattitude. Afterwards, we take a step back and wax philosophical about a general phenomenon of gaming: the rare and difficult to explain occurrance of a perfectly good game...suddenly going BAD. So ahoy, maitees, come set a spell with Jeff (a.k.a. Keelhaul Col) and Mark (a.k.a. Captain Stinky Tom) fer a right fine bout 'o Podcastin'

00:00:00 prelude
00:00:18 start of show 3.0
00:02:11 Dusty Old Box
00:09:08 listener feedback
00:11:50 Avalon Hill's Blackbeard
00:40:04 When Good Games Go Bad
...00:41:26 Zombies!!!
...00:46:51 Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century
...00:50:26 Wings of War
...00:55:40 Junta
...01:00:17 Warhammer Quest
01:09:41 Closing comments

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International Talk-Like-a-Pirate-Day be-a-Comin' Arghhh!

Just givin' yee all notice, that Mark and me be preparin ta send y'all a tall tale o' the sea, 'specially fer Talk Like a Pirate Day, arghhhhhh.  We be sendin' y'all down ta Davie Jones' locker if yee be not careful!

September 19th be-a International Talk-Like-a Pirate Day, and this be thee one day o' the year that we all kin let go and talk like the pirate that be in all of us.

So ahoy, maitees!!!! Keep yer eyes on fer ahr Talk Like a Pirate Day Podcast.

...okay, I can't do that any more.  Mark and I will be recording a special Talk-Like-a-Pirate-Day Podcast soon, which will feature me and Mark talking a bit (not throughout the whole show --so don't worry) like pirates.  All the while we will be dressed --as always-- like cowboys.   We may touch a bit upon a pirate-themed game or two, so stay tuned...more Gameopolis is coming!!!!  Thanks for listening.

And thanks to for the borrowed pirate ship image!!!!

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