Show #4: Preview of Carnage 12

This show starts off with Mark opening up a dusty old box.  After that, we give you a preview of the upcoming Carnage gaming convention, to be held at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairly Vermont November 6-8.  Jeff describes the Carnage convention based on past experience, and then we both walk through the pre-registration book and describe what we see as a few highlights. 

NOTE: The mp3 file for this episode somehow disappeared from our download site.  This posting is to make show 4.0 available once again!

00:00 Prelude
2:22 Dusty Old Box
13:00 Preview of Carnage 12
...13:31 Carnage background
...21:14 Highlights of the Carnage pre-reg booklet
43:23 Closing comments

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Stay tuned for Show #4, coming VERY soon!

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