Show #5.5 Session Report: Mayfair Games' Domaine

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In this Session Report, we talk about a play session of Mayfair Games' Domaine. Using an experimental new approach to our session reports, we present our audience with a play session that can only be described with one word: reckless...reckless and avant garde --oh, that's two words...actually three if you know some French. By the end of this podcast, we guarantee that you will have more questions than answers, including:
Will Mark recover from his time displacement sickness?
Just how wiley IS a Boston Terrier?
What is the 'Song and Dance number' and will we ever be forced to endure it?

Be sure to check out the related pictures of this play session on the Gameopolis Flickr Page. After our play session, we present our first solicitation for Listener ideas for our Podcast of Love, making its premier soon!

00:00 prelude
01:16 Session Report
22:27 Gaming against Spaz
23:34 The Podcast of Love
25:50 Closing comments

Stay tuned for Show 6.0, coming real soon! Thanks for listening.

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