Show #7.5 Session Report: The REAL 7.5

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Mark and Jeff cut the shenanigans and record the "Real Show 7.5". We start off with a plug for The Print and Play Podcast --a podcast about (mostly) free-to-download games that you can find at BoardgamePodcasts-dot-com. Then, it's onto our Listener Feedback segment, in which we discuss hearing from a couple new game designers --and more.

In the show's main segment, we talk about a play session of Jeff's home-brewed expansion to Steve Jackson Games' Car Wars Card Game. We decided to hazard the use of the Way-Back Machine one more time to allow you-the-listener to go back to the setup session and hear each of our car design strategies before we discuss the game and the results.

In a short final segment, we unveil our Gameopolis Coffee Mug Challenge! We play samples of eight different sounds from the beeping, buzzing, whirring 1980s boardgame Dark Tower. Write into with your guesses on the identities of the eight Dark Tower sounds. Writing in will get your name/email address into our raffle; getting all eight answers correct will get your name entered three times!!! Five lucky listeners will be drawn and will each receive an awesome Gameopolis Coffee Mug!!!

  • 00:00:00 Prelude
  • 00:01:10 Plug for the Print and Play Podcast
  • 00:03:28 Listener Feedback
  • 00:14:31 Session Report of Jeff's Expansion for the Car Wars Card Game
  • 00:24:03 The Gameopolis Coffee Mug Challenge

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