Show #13: ACW Ironclad Minis and Gloom

Our Dusty Old Box segment features a real treat that Jeff has been holding-off for a special occasion. Since this is our 25th episode --our "Silver Anniversary Episode"-- Jeff decided now was the time to break it out! After the Dusty Old Box, Mark and Jeff dig into a full docket crammed with gaming goodness. Jeff starts us off by covering not one game, but a gaming genre: Historical naval miniatures in the American Civil War era. Jeff's M.O. is a side-by-side comparison of three of his favorite rules sets: one very simple set, one quite complex, and a third rules set somewhere in between. Jeff compares and contrasts the game mechanics used in each of these three rules sets. After Jeff brings us back from the 19th century, Mark covers one of his family's new favorite card games: Gloom.

Before signing off, we listen-in on our interview with Niko White: the designer of the newest expansion card set for the Battleground Fantasy Warfare game, The Dark Elves. Niko tells us about some of his design rationale and his motivations behind this cool and edgy new expansion for one of our favorite games. Thanks again, Niko!

We put in another quick call for discussion topics for the Podcast of Hate (companion podcast to last year's Podcast of Love). Come on!!! Please write in and help the Podcast of Hate become a reality! You can post your contributions to this show's comments on the blog page, or you can email them to

Even if you don't have any feedback for the Podcast of Hate, we'd still LOVE to hear from you --our beloved podcast nation-- so please post a comment to this blog entry, or send an email to!

  • 00:00:00 Prelude
  • 00:03:32 Dusty Old Box
  • 00:12:22 American Civil War Ironclads Miniatures
  • 00:46:48 Gloom
  • 01:00:24 Interview with Niko White, designer of the Dark Elves set for Battleground Fantasy Warfare
  • 01:13:47 Call for topics for The Podcast of Hate --and signoff

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