Show #21: Arkham Horror and Whatnot

Here in Show 21.0, Mark and Jeff test-drive a "stream-of-consciousness" style by visiting and/or revisiting a collection of topics of particular interest. After the Dusty Old Box segment, Mark revisits the "Merchant of Venus" re-release situation. Then, Jeff revisits Fantasy Flight's 3rd edition of Dungeon Quest, with special focus on Official Combat Variants that have been published by FFG. Mark treads into new territory --the realm of Print-n-Play gaming-- by giving us a preview of Christopher Mayer's Galaxy Corporate: Star Traders. We'll do a full segment of GC:ST in an upcoming show --this is just a preview!

Mark and Jeff then move into the main segment of the show: Fantasy Flight's version of Arkham Horror. Rather than review the game rules and mechanics, Jeff focuses on the elements of the game that he finds particularly engaging or interesting.

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  • 00:00:00 Prelude
  • 00:04:24 Dusty Old Box
  • 00:17:53 Revisiting Re-release of Merchant of Venus
  • 00:23:03 Dungeon Quest Variant Combat Systems
  • 00:32:57 Preview of Galaxy Corporate: Star Traders
  • 00:39:54 Arkham Horror
  • 00:54:03 Signoff

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Stay tuned for Show 21.5 --our session report on one of these fine games-- coming very soon.

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