Show #22.5 Session Report: Castle Panic, Wizard's Tower Expansion

In this Session Report show, we "Point-5" Fireside Games' Castle Panic including the Wizard's Tower Expansion set. The monsters are back, and they've brought along some of their big friends!

In this session report, we talk about some of the pivotal turns and plays of our game, and comment on some of our impressions of the play experience. We try to focus on how the Wizard's Tower expansion changes up game play compared to the 'base' Castle Panic game.

After we finish with Castle Panic, but before signing-off, we go through our mail bag for a little Listener Feedback.

  • 00:00:00 Session Report
  • 00:18:55 Listener Feedback
  • 00:24:39 Sign-off

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Stay tuned for Show 23.0, coming at you faster than a flying Phoenix!

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Twitter Thread 02: Print & Play High Jinx

It’s Mark’s turn at a twitter thread, and he’s chosen to tweet his foray into the world of print & play gaming. He will assemble a working copy of The Galaxy Corporate: Star Traders, the science fiction pick-up and deliver game by Christopher Mayer.  Not particularly skilled in the paper and gluing arts, Mark anticipates a real challenge.  Follow his trials and tribulations as he searches for material, assembles, and (hopefully) plays this game of trading and piracy across the galaxy. 

Follow Mark on Twitter at @GameopolisMark, and follow Jeff at @GameopolisJeff.   To find posts related to this thread, search Twitter for #GameopolisPnP.

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