Show #25: MoV AH to FFG Deltas, and Deadlands Battle for Slaughter Gulch

Show 25.0 of Gameopolis is a knock-down, drag-out episode that will have you reaching for your break-away prop furniture. But first, Mark and Jeff keep to Gameopolis tradition and cover a very old Dusty Old Box -a game with a colorful box and a colorful game board. After the Dusty Old Box Mark and Jeff dig into the show's first main segment by covering Merchant of Venus one last time, but they take a slightly different tact this time, by focusing on the differences --the deltas, if you will-- between the Avalon Hill version and the new Fantasy Flight Games' version. Mark finishes this segment by stating he will never mention Merchant of Venus again --for at least a half-hour!

After their discussion of Merchant of Venus deltas, Mark and Jeff move onto the show's second main segment, which gives this episode its knock-down, drag-out flavor: a discussion of Twilight Creations' Deadlands: The Battle for Slaughter Gulch. Jeff discusses the game elements and mechanics of this old west-meets-horror-meets-steampunk boardgame, as well as its production values.

We end the episode by signing-off just before Mark's hungry dogs overrun the studio and take over the microphones.

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  • 00:00:00 Prelude
  • 00:01:25 Dusty Old Box
  • 00:11:24 MoV: Avalon Hill to Fantasy Flight deltas
  • 00:41:45 Deadlands: Battle for Slaughter Gulch
  • 01:05:08 Signoff, and siege of Studio B by hungry hounds

Stay tuned for Show 25.5 --our 50th Episode, and Session Report on Battle for Slaughter Gulch-- coming at you faster than a hipshot from a six-shooter.

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