Show #27: Fillers, part 2

In Show 27.0 of Gameopolis, Mark and Jeff revisit a topic not discussed since way-back in Show 6.0: Filler Games! Before launching into tho second installment of our Fillers discussion, Jeff opens up a Dusty Old Box that he describes as a familiar game in an unfamiliar box. Confused? Intrigued? Then this show will set your mind at ease! Our discussion of this Dusty Old Box reminds Mark of another tidbit of Mark's Personal Gaming Trivia --a very humorous incident from his past gaming group-of-old.

After the Dusty Old Box and Mark's Personal Gaming Trivia segments, Mark and Jeff discuss eight Filler Games, that we hope you'll enjoy.

Lastly, at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you, we throw in a bonus segment on Gamewick Games' zombie-themed semi-cooperative card game, Pittsburgh 68. Jeff describes the things he loves about this old-style zombie movie experience.

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  • 00:00:00 Prelude
  • 00:03:00 Dusty Old Box
  • 00:10:35 Mark's Personal Gaming Trivia
  • 00:13:58 Carcassonne Dice Game
  • 00:19:30 Babylon
  • 00:26:28 Quoridor
  • 00:33:04 Fast Flowing Forest Fellers (FlussFeiber)
  • 00:39:57 Wits & Wagers
  • 00:49:56 Safari Jack
  • 00:58:03 The Very Clever Pipe Game
  • 01:03:13 Guillotine
  • 01:11:25 Pittsburgh 68
  • 01:32:50 Signoff

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Stay tuned for Show 27.5 --our session report on one or more of these filler games-- coming at you faster than a game of Babylon!

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Twitter Thread 03: Annoying Box Fix

In this Twitter Thread, Jeff addresses a game problem that he finds particularly vexing: games that ship in boxes where the box itself is plain white, and all of the color artwork is on a cardstock sleeve that slides over the closed box.  Not only do these boxes take longer to open and close, but if it happens to be a game with expansion material, the box design frequently prevents you from storing the expansion stuff in the box with the core game (the sleeve doesn't fit over the box if the box is overstuffed).  This is a short-but-sweet Twitter thread in which Jeff walks you through a quick, easy method to transform those annoying game boxes into almost-normal, more-functional boxes. 

Follow Mark on Twitter at @GameopolisMark, and follow Jeff at @GameopolisJeff.   To find posts related to this thread, search Twitter for #GameopolisBoxFix.

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