CarCast 03: Sandboxes vs Furnaces, Mark vs Saxon

This is the third episode in the Gameopolis CarCast spin-off series. The Gameopolis CarCast is brought to you totally unplanned, and virtually unedited. In this Carcast, Mark and Jeff talk about a few loosely connected topics, including their respective recent buying binges, Mark's close call at Panera, and Jeff's marketing advice to Lego.

We'll be back with the next regular installment of Gameopolis --Show 21.0-- very soon. Until then, we hope you enjoy the random musings of the Gameopolis CarCast!

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  • Guess someone's probably emailed you guys about this, but just in case you haven't heard yet... Minecraft Lego will be a thing:

    posted by: Thornae on 2012-08-14 16:11:29

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