Show #13.5 Session Report: Gloom

In this show, Mark and Jeff "Point-Five" Altas Games' Gloom. We start with a brief overview of the game, then onto our session report coverage. We keep our coverage pretty high-level, focusing on our overall strategies and impressions of the game.

  • 00:00:00 Prelude
  • 00:00:40 Session Report: Gloom

Stay tuned for Show 14.0 -rocketing in your direction at an extreme and totally unsafe speed!

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  • Hey Tyler, Great to hear! I am definitely up for some more Carnage! I will be running at least two --probably three-- events, and will also be looking forward to all of the awesome contributions of my fellow GMs!!! That Con is just SO consistently fun, relaxing, and chock-full of people who more-than-anything just want to sit down and have fun for 4 hours! I cannot wait!

    posted by: Jeff (Admin) on 2011-05-31 03:08:14

  • So does this mean you're eagerly awaiting Cthulhu Gloom? Also! The Carnage GM sign-up form is open for business.

    posted by: Tyler on 2011-05-13 13:49:42

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