Show #3: Blackbeard -and- When Good Games Go Bad

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Yee be welcome to thee Talk-Like-a-Pirate Episode 'o Gameopolis!! Arrrr!!!! Don't worry --as promised, we do NOT talk like pirates throughout the whole show. This show starts off with our second visit to the topic of the Dusty Old Box. Mark then walks us through the old Avalon Hill boardgame Blackbeard, which inspires several spontaneous (but thankfully, brief) bursts of Pirattitude. Afterwards, we take a step back and wax philosophical about a general phenomenon of gaming: the rare and difficult to explain occurrance of a perfectly good game...suddenly going BAD. So ahoy, maitees, come set a spell with Jeff (a.k.a. Keelhaul Col) and Mark (a.k.a. Captain Stinky Tom) fer a right fine bout 'o Podcastin'

00:00:00 prelude
00:00:18 start of show 3.0
00:02:11 Dusty Old Box
00:09:08 listener feedback
00:11:50 Avalon Hill's Blackbeard
00:40:04 When Good Games Go Bad
...00:41:26 Zombies!!!
...00:46:51 Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century
...00:50:26 Wings of War
...00:55:40 Junta
...01:00:17 Warhammer Quest
01:09:41 Closing comments

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Stay tuned for Show #3.5, coming soon!

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  • Th\' threat \'o shivers up th\' corset be a powerful cause fer action, lassie. Indeed, we be preparin\' fer a right fine bout \'o podcastin\' on th\' topic o\' ahr recent game o\' Blackbeard. Sahree ta hear \'bout th\' sad fate o\' mee game o\' Bermuda Triangle, lassie. Yee be happy ta hear that ah just made good on me promise ta find one ahn Ebay should me quest ta reclaim ma childhood copy run amock. Look fer a revisit ta this fine boardgame, arrrr... [translation: We aim to please. Look for our upcoming Session Report on Blackbeard. Bummer about my copy of Bermuda Triangle. As I indicated previously, I have acquired a copy off Ebay (since it appears my childhood copy has disappeared). Look for a revisit to this cool boardgame!]

    posted by: Jeff (admin) on 2009-10-11 23:49:00

  • Another great podcast. I own both versions of Blackbeard and like you have played the older one to death. A great game. I liked \"good games gone bad\" too. I was JUST as enthusiastic for ZOMBIES when it came out, only to have exactly the same thing happen to me, when I was trying to prostletyze the game among my gaming buds. Result: they won\'t touch it. Sad! Keep up the good work, Mark and Jeff. I really am liking this podcast. Haven\'t missed one yet. MrN

    posted by: MisterNizz on 2009-10-15 07:25:00

  • I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the show. We\'ve been having a lot of fun doing it! We actually played the new Blackbeard last week, and will be doing an session report (episode 3.5) on it shortly. I don\'t want to give away any spoilers, but I think I prefer the original, flawed as it may be. Jeff will be introducing me to Zombies in time for Halloween. I\'m hoping the helipad is right next to the Town Hall. The shorter the walk, the better! Mark

    posted by: Mark on 2009-10-18 15:06:00

  • Listening to the show now, I wanted to chime in on my excitement for Carnage. It\'s gonna be an awesome time! The book\'s up for download now, by the way.

    posted by: Tyler on 2009-09-28 22:37:00

  • Thanks for writing in, Tyler. Yeah, Carnage is going to be awesome once again, and I can\'t wait. As an aside, I\'ll be running games Saturday 8AM (Battle of Plum Point Bend) and Saturday 7 PM (Autoduel in Akron). If you can, stop by and say hi. -Jeff

    posted by: Jeff (admin) on 2009-09-29 06:41:00

  • I\'ll be dropping off your Car Wars prize support, Jeff, so I\'ll definitely be saying hi.

    posted by: Tyler on 2009-09-29 09:30:00

  • Loved this podcast!! (argh!!) I really got into the description of the pirate game. Was a little disappointed to have it end. But happily I learned today you will be playing Blackbeard on 3.5! News like that sends shivers up me corset! (Are we still still allowed to talk pirate-ese?) Aside, Jeff, sadly the Bermuda Triangle game appears to have disappeared from the great childhood game burial place in the attic:(

    posted by: Susan on 2009-10-11 17:37:00

  • I be one sorry old salt this morning. In episode three I mentioned that Blackbeard was killed by Chaloner Ogle. Even a land lubbin\' merchantman knows Robert Maynard sent Blackbeard to the watery deep. Ogle killed Bart Roberts. Ye\'d think I\'m some green at the gills midship what ain\'t got his sealegs! Mark (know to some as Stinky Tom)

    posted by: Mark on 2009-09-26 11:43:00

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