Show #7.5 Special Session Report

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Mark and Jeff cover a lot of ground in this special Session Report.  Unlike past Session Reports, the games discussed in this show are NOT those that were described in Show 7.0.  Mark and Jeff cover everything ranging from nostalgic children's games, to licensed boardgames, to games based on episodes of the original Star Trek series.  You will also hear exciting news about the possibility of gameopolis gaining its first official sponsor.  So pull-up your favorite comfy-chair and settle-in with Mark and Jeff for some more Gameopolis.  Thanks for listening!

Stay tuned for Show 8, coming real soon!


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  • Hey Mark and Jeff, Looking though your pictures on Flickr I realized that it was you guys that did the Car Wars replay. Dang, sorry about going on about it in my first e-mail. Still I wouldn\'t mind hearing what you think of the old original version if you feel like commenting on it and have played it. Also, before I forget, I wanted to say thanks for talking about Legions of Steel in an earlier podcast. It sounds very interesting and fun and now I\'m trying to run down a copy of it. If you know of where to find one let me know. Okay, I\'ll sign off. Thanks again for a great show. Keep \'em coming!!! Rick

    posted by: Rick Herrick on 2010-04-06 21:25:00

  • Hey Mark and Jeff! I loved the 7.5 podcast and was laughing out loud as I listened to it. In fact I thought that I was going to have to go outside so that people wouldn\'t look at me wondering what was going on. I work for the local school system and, as luck would have it, I was in the administration building when I started playing your show on my MP3 player. Dang, not the best place to be when you hear something funny. I\'m a copier technician by trade so I really enjoy listening to gaming podcasts while I\'m driving from school to school or working on a machine when no one is around. I have to say that your podcast is my favorite! It reminds me a lot of my favorite podcast of the past which is Roll 2d6. I don\'t know what happened to Adam and Nate but they\'ve just seemed to have faded away. Real life stepped in and stopped them I suppose. I really enjoyed their style and the games that they covered. You could tell that they were good friends just by listening to them and they played well off of each other. I hope you guys don\'t take any offence, but I get the same feeling about you two. Also, like Adam and Nate, you cover some old games like the Dungeon Quest game in your dusty-old-box segment which I enjoy. You see I\'m an old guy (54) and I remember a lot of the old games and even have some of them still. In fact, since I\'ve been getting back into gaming, I\'ve been going though all my games that I\'ve had stored in the basement and guess what I found...Dungeon Quest! I\'d forgot I even had it! It\'s a punched copy and I know I never played it but now I want to give it a go. Since I have a regular gaming group that meets every Saturday evening I\'ve got some people to spring it on and have fun with. We\'ve been gaming for months now on a regular basis and having a blast. Needless to say I\'ve been reading things on Board Game Geek and listing to podcasts like crazy and buying new games as I can. However I still want to play some of my old games and listening to your podcast has help rekindle the fire for them. I can\'t remember right off the top of my head if you guys have mentioned \"Car Wars\" or not, but if you have do you think that you could play a game of it and do an after action report on it? I remember that someone that I listened to a while back did and it may have been you guys, but I\'ve listened to sooooooo many podcasts in the last couple of months that I can\'t remember who\'s played what. If you have then just ignore this request. (And I\'m talking about the original Car Wars too, not the stripped down 5th edition.) If you have I\'ll see what else I\'d like to hear you talk about if your interested in anything like that, or if you take requests. Okay I\'ve yakked your ears off and I apologize about that. Just wanted to say that I LOVE your show! Please keep doing the \"Dusty Old Box\" segment as I really, really enjoy that. I don\'t mind hearing about new games from time to time, but everybody and their dog does them, but no one seems to cover any of the older games at all and I\'d really like to hear about more of them. Have you played any of the the old DwarfStar games like Dragon Rage? If so what did you think about them? OKAY,okay, I\'ll stop. Keep up the good work and put out another podcast when you can. I can\'t wait. Take care lads! Rick

    posted by: Rick Herrick on 2010-04-06 20:46:00

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