Show #8.5 Session Report: Forbidden Island

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Mark and Jeff go for an extended session report of Gamewright's Forbidden Island. Unlike most podcasts, we spend a bit of time filling in the basics of the game mechanics that we left out of show 8.0. We'll get a couple pictures from our play sessions up onto the Gameopolis Flickr Page very soon.

Also, we give our final notice for our Gameopolis Coffee Mug Challenge! We play samples of eight different sounds from the beeping, buzzing, whirring 1980s boardgame Dark Tower. Write into with your guesses on the identities of the eight Dark Tower sounds. Writing in will get your name/email address into our raffle; getting all eight answers correct will get your name entered three times!!! Five lucky listeners will be drawn and will receive an awesome Gameopolis Coffee Mug!!!

Stay tuned for Show 9.0 -coming real soon!


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  • I enjoyed the show as usual, guys, and look forward to the next one. I went to Origins this past month and had a great time. Picked up some fun games there. You should let the listeners know if you guys attend any cons so that we can maybe meet you and chat about games. Is it possible that the listeners could request a game for you guys to review in an up coming episode? That would be fun. Take care! Rick

    posted by: Rick Herrick on 2010-07-23 14:38:00

  • Guten Abend, (I am on a week-long business trip in Germany) Yikes! I was afraid of that too. But thanks for pointing out. Dang!!! I just realized that means I lost my ONE and ONLY \"point-5-episode\" win!!!! Bummer! I am winless again! I\'d better start racking up some more trivia points. I agree with Mark...we should play a couple games properly and then release a show 8.6!

    posted by: Jeff (admin) on 2010-07-02 16:57:00

  • And suddenly the fractional numbering scheme takes on a whole new dimension. Sorry you had to retroactively lose your win, Jeff!

    posted by: Tyler on 2010-07-02 23:07:00

  • Thanks for the detailed look at Forbidden Island. It\'s on my wishlist.

    posted by: Jeff on 2010-07-19 11:16:00

  • Did I hear Mark say that drawing five already sunken tiles gave you guys breathing space in the second game of Forbidden Island? I was under the impression that the flood cards are removed from the deck as the tiles go.

    posted by: Tyler on 2010-06-28 17:18:00

  • Thanks for pointing that out, Tyler. I blame our fact checking department (Mark & Jeff) for this one. After we recorded the \'cast, Jeff and I wondered if we were playing the game incorrectly. It seemed a little too easy if flood cards stayed in play after tiles sunk. We reviewed the rules and sure enough, we were doin\' it wrong. The tiles AND the cards come out of play when a tile sinks. Our plan was to edit out that piece of the podcast, but it wormed it\'s way into the final cut. Sorry for the confusion. Had we played correctly, we never would have made it off the island in the second game, and I\'m not sure we would have won the first game either! I think we\'ll play the game correctly and tack a mini-after action report onto our next episode. We need to let people know just how dangerous the Forbidden Island can be!

    posted by: Mark on 2010-07-02 11:03:00

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