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We are calling out to all our listeners because we'd like your feedback.  In Show 6.5, we experimented with Stereo sound --Mark's in your left ear, while Jeff is in your right ear.

We are interested in knowing how all of you like the change from mono to stereo.  We realize that while stereo sound is nice and can give you that realistic, "actually-in-Gameopolis" feeling, it is not always practical.  Maybe you normally listen to podcasts with a single earpiece and are only hearing one side of the conversation...maybe you listen in busy, noisy places and like having the steady, unchanging sound of a mono recording.  Or, maybe you are embracing the change to stereo, and are anxiously awaiting the day when we will switch to surround 5.1 and will offer 3D holographic video so Mark and Jeff will appear right there in your own living room!!!

Please take a moment (trust us --it really is one moment...it is only one question) to visit our survey and let us know what you prefer for future Gameopolis episodes. 

Clicking on the survey link will take you away from www.gameopolis.org to the SurveyMonkey web site.

Click HERE to take the survey.

Thanks in advance.  We look forward to hearing your responses!


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  • Thanks Anthony. Actually, I guess the way I wrote the question was misleading. By \"mono\" I just meant that both ears hear the same thing. I did reword the question on surveymonkey.com to be more precise. Best, Jeff

    posted by: Jeff (Admin) on 2010-03-09 22:42:00

  • Voted!

    posted by: Tyler on 2010-03-25 17:34:00

  • My preference, which isn\'t on the survey. 1) Stereo 2) Mark and Jeff in both ears

    posted by: Anthony on 2010-03-09 14:37:00

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