Twitter Thread 01: WWII Microarmor

It's the first Gameopolis Twitter thread!  Going forward, Mark and Jeff will be posting some threads on Twitter on various topics.  In this thread, Jeff documents the construction and painting of a pair of WWII era tanks: a German Panzer IIIG and a Soviet T-26S.  Both of these miniatures are in 1:285 scale, and Jeff hopes to show that you can produce nicely detailed minis in this cost-effective, yet oft-neglected scale.  Jeff's Twitter posts will show stepwise photos of the work, with text explaining the technique(s) and materials used.  This twitter thread is intended to suit the neophyte as well as the established minis painter.  

Follow Jeff on Twitter at @GameopolisJeff, and follow Mark at @GameopolisMark. 

To find posts related to this thread, search for #GameopolisTanks.  Jeff will also post more detailed info to this blog post as comments.  

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